Mars Mission: Why are three space missions landing on Mars at the same time?

The next few days will be very busy for the Mars mission.

Three space exploration missions are set to arrive on the Red Planet to study its geology and environment and to explore possible signs of ancient micro bacterial life.

The first mission to Mars on Tuesday is expected to be the UAE’s Hope.

Two days later, China’s Tian Wen-1 mission will arrive, followed by NASA’s mission to Mars by February 18.
These missions are taking advantage of the proximity between Mars and Earth. The distances between the two planets vary due to the different speeds orbiting the sun. The minimum fuel consumption time for missions starts every 26 months.

But like any Mars mission, these three space missions face daunting challenges – including the “seven minutes of danger” when a spacecraft lands on the surface of Mars.
Mars, also known as the Red Planet, has failed half of all previous missions.

So what are scientists doing to make these missions a success this time around? And what do they want to know?

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