‘Mars seal’ on passenger’s passport at Dubai airport

UAE immigration officials have taken a unique approach to celebrating the landing of a space mission to Mars. Passports coming from Dubai Airport are being stamped with a red ‘Khatam-ul-Mars’ (Mars seal).
The UAE sent a space mission seven months ago. This is the first Arab space mission and will soon reach Mars.

According to Emirates Al-Youm, as soon as the Al-Amal mission enters Mars orbit, the passports of the passengers arriving in the UAE are stamped with Mars, which reads, “You have reached the UAE and the UAE has reached Mars.” The seal is dated February 9, 2021.
Emirati authorities have developed a red ink for this purpose, dubbed the “Ink of Mars”.

The space mission left the Japanese space station Panagashima on July 20, 2020. Al-Amal has covered a distance of more than 493 km in six phases.

The Al-Amal mission is a multi-purpose mission and will, for the first time in the history of mankind, take complete photographs of the aerial cover of Mars.

It will store more than a thousand gigabytes of information on the planet Mars and store it in the UAE’s scientific data center.

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