“Melting of ice Rapidly is raising sea levels around the world.”

The rapid melting of ice around the world is evidence of the worst global warming, according to scientists.

According to the AFP news agency, a team of British scientists has said that in the last 30 years, the world’s polar regions and mountains have begun to melt rapidly.

A team of scientists from the British universities of Edinburgh, Leeds, and University College London has reviewed satellite data from 1994 to 2017, which shows that 28 trillion ice caps have melted in that period.

According to the data, 0.8 trillion ice melts every year in the 1990s, which has increased to 1.3 trillion tons by 2017.

Scientists say rising sea levels also pose a threat to coastal populations.
This is the first study to examine satellite data.

The study looked at 215,000 glaciers from around the world, as well as ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland.

According to scientists, the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice has melted the most in the last 30 years.

Dr. Isobel Lawrence, a research fellow at the University of Leeds in the UK, says that as sea ice melts, the oceans absorb more and more solar energy, causing temperatures around the Arctic to rise faster. Gets done

He said that due to global warming, glaciers and ice sheets are melting rapidly, which is increasing the sea level.

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