Mesha Shafi could face jail in harassment case

Meesha Shafi

Singer Mesha Shafi, who has accused singer Ali Zafar of harassment, could face jail time.

According to News, singer Mesha Shafi had filed a case of sexual harassment against singer Ali Zafar under the Me Too campaign 3 years ago, in response to which Ali Zafar filed a case against the singer for running a hate campaign on social media. The singer may have to go to jail in case of defeat.

At the request of singer Ali Zafar, the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime had registered a case against nine people, including Mesha Shafi, for launching a hate campaign on social media to defame Ali Zafar on a court order.

According to the report, the case has been registered under Section 20 of the Pakistan Electronic Crime Act and Section 109 of the Pakistan Penal Code and failure in this case is punishable by 3 years imprisonment.

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Meanwhile, Indian media has claimed that singer Mesha Shafi has been sentenced to 3 years by a court in the Ali Zafar sexual harassment case, but there is no truth in this news.

Singer Ali Zafar was accused by singer Mesha Shafi in April 2018 under the Me Too campaign that Ali Zafar sexually harassed me in several places and especially in December 2017 in his studio. ۔

On the other hand, singer Ali Zafar denied all the allegations of Mesha Shafi and filed a defamation suit against Mesha Shafi in which he took the position that Mesha Shafi made baseless allegations of sexual harassment against me through a tweet. As a result, my image was tarnished and my family suffered.

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