MQM Pakistan rejected PPP’s offer

The Senate elections will be held jointly with PTI and GDA. The people of Sindh will not forgive the PPP. Sources MQM

Karachi: MQM Pakistan has rejected the offer of PPP, Senate elections will be held together with PTI and GDA, the people of Sindh will not forgive the PPP.

According to MQM sources, Pakistan Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has responded to the PPP’s offer of support in the Senate elections.

Senate elections will be held jointly with PTI and GDA. It is our right to be counted in jobs and census. MQM will support PTI in women and technocrat seats. The people of Sindh and urban areas who supported the PPP in the women’s seat will not forgive. It should be noted that a four-member PPP delegation had visited Bahadurabad, the temporary headquarters of MQM Pakistan.

The meeting expressed the desire to fight the Senate elections together. Similarly, Federal Minister for Information Technology Amin-ul-Haq said that mutual consultation between PPP and Prime Minister MQM Pakistan is underway and the doors of MQM Pakistan are open for all parties. All decisions in MQM are made in a democratic manner, many parties are getting from MQM.

He said that MQM is an important ally of PTI. Due to organizational engagements, MQM members were busy. MQM could not attend the lunch due to engagement. On the other hand, MQM members also joined hands to stop horse trading in the Senate elections. According to sources, an important meeting of the Coordinating Committee and members of the Assembly was held at Muttahida Markaz Bahadurabad. MQM Pakistan summoned all the members of the Sindh Assembly to Bahadurabad.

According to sources, for the first time, elected members will be trained in Senate elections. The MQM has directed all its MLAs to restrict their movement. Sources said that MQM members were not participating in the Sindh Assembly training session.

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