Mushahidullah Khan: That person was a story, a story that was full of surprises

For a moment I closed my eyes and wondered where to begin. That person was a story and a story in which there was a place of wonder.

I met him when he had entered national politics. This is the time when the way to enter politics was open from Pajero but this person had only a simple car. But his picture is complete with high spirits, good poetic tastes, resounding laughter and timely sentences.

Mushahidullah Khan’s personality was just these four things.

He would talk about Dinka’s injury, laugh out loud and never panic anyone who came in front of him. His acquaintance with the laughing garden and spring personality was years old but I will never forget the morning of October 13, 1999 when a friend picked me up from home and mysteriously took me somewhere, where Mushahidullah Khan was already my Were waiting

Seeing this, he chanted a welcome slogan and then said:

“It’s time to act.”

“Yes, Mushahid Bhai, it is time for action.”

“Then I decided to take action.”

Then he informed me of his plan and I was shocked and said true? Good, but it’s better if someone else dies for it.

Hearing this, a mocking smile flashed on his face which later became a feature of his personality. In such a situation, he would clap his hands lightly to his acquaintances and stick something or other. At that moment, the phrase came on his tongue, on the tongue of the American President, who had at least two years left to come, he looked me in the eye and asked: “Are you with me or not?”

The situation was dire, the elected government was over, the constitution was suspended and the prime minister had no idea where he was. In such cases, the life-saving formula is considered the best formula. If he had made the same decision that day, no one would have pointed a finger at him, but he had decided to make history.

He had also decided to sacrifice himself to change history and was in a position where there is no point in explaining good and evil. He wanted to address a press conference and then take to the streets to declare a coup.

It is a story of two nights and two days in which the thrill and drama of a detective novel. He spent these two nights and two days constantly changing places and staying no longer than two or three hours. It was no use reaching the press club on time by burning the police sifting through the city, but he arrived and addressed the press conference.

The press conference on the afternoon of October 13 was nothing short of a whip for the police and intelligence agencies, but before they could move in and surround the press club, Mushahidullah had reached his secret hideout.

He spent the day and night changing places and the next afternoon he reached Regal Chowk, the historical center of political movements in Karachi, and raised the slogan: “Long live the dictatorship, Nawaz Sharif.”

As soon as the slogan was raised, hundreds of eyes were raised towards the voice, in white shalwar kameez, both arms were raised in the middle of the road. Before the Muslim League, which had gathered in the square, rushed towards them, they were surrounded by white-clad officers, their clothes torn in the scuffle, and the body of the white-clad Mushahidullah, who had turned red that day due to the beating. There was a peek out of them.

“Dude, these bad guys hit a lot, the body still hurts.”

Like the press conference, this scene of his arrest was also shown live by many television channels of the world. Thus became a history and Mushahidullah Khan’s longing that no one openly challenges martial law in this country was fulfilled.

The Pakistan Muslim League is an old player in the politics of power, but its politics have been confined to the drawing-room, not the streets. The credit is given to Nawaz Sharif for changing the mood of his party and putting it on the path of resistance.

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