N-League woman politician’s possession of a huge amount of government land revealed

Land worth Rs 100 million is being handed over from Maiza Hameed in Shakargarh, Rs 210 billion has been recovered in Punjab in 2 years while land worth more than Rs 3 billion has been handed over, said Special Assistant Barrister Shehzad Akbar. Conversation

Shehzad Akbar, Advisor to PM Imran Khan on Accountability, has said that land worth Rs 100 million in Shakargarh is being handed over to PML-N National Assembly member Maiza Hameed. Will According to details, while giving a press conference in Islamabad, he said that in Punjab alone, Rs 210 billion has been recovered in the last two years while lands worth more than Rs 3 billion have been relinquished. Is wailing for political revenge.

Shehzad Akbar said that PML-N is sponsoring various mafias, government lands were seized during his tenure because Nawaz Sharif’s ideology is looting and occupation of lands, Nawaz Sharif promoted the culture of Changamanga in politics. Granted, he has no political ideology, his ideology is only money, while Maryam Nawaz was also challenging the state by standing with the occupation mafia.

Earlier, Special Assistant for Accountability Shehzad Akbar said that the civil court has quashed the stay order of Khokhar Palace, Khokhar Palace no longer has a stay, the relinquished government area is now in the custody of the government, The benefits were stopped, Maryam Nawaz spoke against the facts in Khokhar Palace. Special Assistant Shehzad Akbar said that the Kharkhar brothers stood in the abandoned place and spoke against the facts.

More than 200 billion acres of land have been recovered in Punjab. I would like to name these influential occupation mafias. Yesterday Maryam Nawaz herself went and talked. The fact is that the Beneficiaries include 45 kanals of government land of Khokhar brothers in their house, 100 kanals of a magnificent palace, 45 kanals of government land, it was declared.

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