Narendra Modi’s critic Kamala Harris, ‘ray of hope for Kashmiris’

Residents of Indian-administered Kashmir say the election of Kamala Harris, a critic of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as US Vice President has raised some hopes in Kashmir.

According to a report in Arab News on Monday, Kamala Harris, who took over as US Vice President Joe Biden last week, criticized the Indian government’s discriminatory policies against the country’s Muslim minority and the partition of Kashmir in 2019. Have been

Indian-origin Kamala Harris called on Kashmiris to remind Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world after New Delhi abolished the special status of its administered Kashmir in 2019 and divided it into two Union Territories. Called for intervention.

In addition to Kamala Harris in the US administration, the appointment of Samira Fazil and Ayesha Shah, both Kashmiri nationals, in Biden’s team has given some hope for change in the region.

Gohar Gilani, a Srinagar-based political analyst, told Arab News that Kamala Harris had spoken openly on the Kashmir issue. Now there is hope for this front.

Srinagar-based lawyer Diba Ashraf is also somewhat optimistic. Especially in resolving the Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India, which both countries demand sovereignty of the region but also rule here to some extent.

Lawyer Diba Ashraf said, “Now we have some hope. Biden has a positive outlook for everyone. Being connected to the legal background, he can better understand the Kashmir issue and he is putting pressure on both the countries to resolve it.” Can put ‘.

The Biden government should not fall prey to this false propaganda that is unofficial,” he said. It’s part of the interests of organizations. “

Citing the strong ties between Washington and New Delhi, experts also see little room for change.

Manoj Joshi of the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi disagreed, saying, “They don’t care about human rights and all that. If they think India is important for their well-being, they want minorities and human rights.” Concerns related to can be ignored.

Kamala Harris is a popular leader of the Democratic Party and this is the first time a black woman has been elected vice president.

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