Nepal bans Indian climbers to climb Mount Everest

Nepal has banned three Indian climbers for six years for falsely claiming to be the world’s highest peak.

According to a foreign news agency, Nepal’s tourism department has banned three Indian climbers for six years and withdrawn their certificates issued in 2016.

It may be recalled that Indian climbers Narendra Singh Yadav and Seema Rani Goswami had claimed to have climbed the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, in 2016 and the Nepal Health Department had issued regular certificates to them in this regard.
The reality of these climbers came to light when last year the Indian government decided to give Narendra Singh Yadav the highest Indian sports award, the National Adventure Award, on which his own compatriot and climber and The Indian channel dismissed Yadav’s claim to have climbed Mount Everest and later found out in the inquiry that the pictures were fake and the government reversed its decision.

Tara Nath Adikari, a spokesman for Nepal’s tourism department, said in an interview that an inquiry into the climbers’ ascent of Mount Everest had revealed that the two had never climbed the peak and could not provide any clear evidence. Both climbers and their team leader Nabakmar Phookan have been banned in Nepal for six years and the certificates given to both climbers have been withdrawn.

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