New British court ruling in favor of Broadsheet

British court

Heavy financial loss to Pakistan, order to confiscate more assets of the government of Pakistan for non-payment of 1 million, sources

London: New decision of British court in favor of Broadsheet, Pakistan had to suffer huge financial loss. According to details, a British court has ordered the confiscation of more assets of Pakistan in the UK for non-payment of 1 1 million to Broadsheet by the government of Pakistan. Sources said that the British court has given a new verdict in favor of Broadsheet against NAB.

The British firm Broadsheet had approached a British court to recover the outstanding amount of one million pounds, on which the court has given a new order in favor of Broadsheet. In this regard, the head of Broadsheet, Kave Mousavi, has said that the government of Pakistan has forced the confiscation of more assets by not paying.

He disclosed that the incompetence of NAB chairman and accountability adviser Shehzad Iqbal would cause further financial loss to Pakistan.

A British court has ruled in favor of Broadsheet, allowing the firm to send a freezing order directly to the offices of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Attorney General of Pakistan. The lawyers had not been responding to the broadsheet for the past two months due to which Pakistan had no legal representation in the UK regarding the broadsheet case.

It is believed that the British High Court has already issued orders to freeze Pakistan’s accounts in UBL, UBL has informed in writing that the government of Pakistan has confiscated about one million pounds. Broadsheet has already paid 28 28 million in December 2020. The new order has been issued by the Commercial Court of the Master Division of the High Court. The hearing of the third-party debit order on the application of Broadsheet is scheduled to be held on July 30. It should be noted that the Government of Pakistan The relevant institutions will get the orders of the High Court this week through a local law firm in Pakistan.

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