New Zealand approves holiday bill for parents after miscarriage

New Zealand prime minister

WELLINGTON: New Zealand’s parliament has passed a bill to give parents three days off in case of miscarriage or death of a child in the womb.

According to the World News Agency, New Zealand has decided to give parents three days off from work in case of miscarriage, and in this regard, Member of Parliament Jenny Anderson introduced a bill which was passed unanimously. ۔

The Brewing Bill, introduced by Jenny Anderson, has been approved by Parliament, but has yet to be signed by the head of state, after which it will become law.
Jenny Anderson said in her proposal that miscarriage is a mental trauma and deep trauma for the parents, especially the mother, so the mother is not ready for any other work and she also needs her partner the most.

New Zealand already has a parental leave law for the birth of children, and parents will now be able to get leave even if they lose a pregnancy.

It should be noted that in March last year, abortion was removed from the list of criminal offenses, and women were legally allowed to abort 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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