Novelist and playwright Hasina Moin has passed away

Haseena Moin

Lahore: Another shining star of Urdu literature has sunk. Well-known novelist and playwright Hasina Moin has passed away at the age of 80.

Hasina Moin was born in 1941 in the Indian city of Kanpur. After settling in Pakistan, she migrated with her family and came to Pakistan. She did MA in History from Karachi University. She wrote many plays.

Loneliness and Sunshine and Shehzuri are the dramas whose dialogues are still remembered by people today. Shadows, Unknown, and Uncle Alif were inspired by Hasina Moin in the drama. Hasina Moin was also awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence by the Government of Pakistan.

Funeral prayers of Hasina Moin will be offered today after Asr prayers in Madani Mosque of North Nazimabad and burial will be in the local cemetery.

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