One Rs 95 paise increase in electricity tariff is a mini-budget. Reject: Mian Zahid

Implementation of Hussain IMF order

Mian Zahid Hussain, chairman of the National Business Group of the FPCCI, president of the Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum and Karachi Industrial Alliance and former provincial minister, has said that the increase in electricity rates on the orders of the IMF is a mini-budget. Which is unacceptable. Various tricks to increase the price of electricity by one rupee ninety-five paisa per unit will increase the economic pressure on the people, increase the suffering of the business community and the closure of business will spread unemployment.

This decision will adversely affect production and exports, everything will become more expensive while all the efforts of the Prime Minister to increase economic stability and exports will be in vain. Talking to the business community, Mian Zahid Hussain said that after the imposition of various taxes and surcharges, the increase would go from Rs 4 to Rs 22, 70 paise per unit, which is unacceptable, so it should be withdrawn.

The increase in the price of electricity will reduce its use and increase theft and will impose an additional burden of Rs. 250 billion on the people who are worried about inflation. In this increase, even those who use up to 50 units per month have not been spared. Instead of two rupees, you will have to pay three rupees and ninety-five paise. Those who use up to one hundred units will have to pay Rs. 7.74 instead of Rs. Instead of Rs 10.20, those who spend up to Rs 12.05 and up to 700 units will have to pay Rs 19.55 instead of Rs 17.60, while those who use more than 700 units will have to pay Rs 22.70 per unit.

According to the IMF plan, in the next few months, electricity tariffs will be further increased and an additional burden of up to Rs 200 billion will be imposed on the people, in which even the poor who barely make a living will not be spared. The prices of petroleum products are constantly rising while on the other hand the prices of electricity and gas are being increased which is tantamount to killing the people with a double-edged sword.

The business community rejects the policy of dumping all the rubble on the people instead of stopping the theft of Rs 200 billion worth of electricity and loss of lines of the same value. Forty-six thousand cases of power theft have been registered but not a single accused has been convicted, which threatens to frustrate all efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide relief to the people.

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