Pak. mountaineer Amir Mehdi left alone on K-2 was forgotten

There is a small village called Hasanabad in the middle of the mountains on the Karakoram Highway in the Hunza Valley. Once upon a time there lived a great mountaineer of his time. His name was Amir Mehdi. And their job was to carry their heavy loads up and down the mountains.

Amir Mehdi was a mountaineer but he wanted to fly the Pakistani flag on the top of K2. He fully supported the Italian climbers’ mission in 1954. At one point, he risked his life, but in this historic mission, there was a great betrayal of Mahdi on the icy mountains of K2.

The two top Italian climbers, Campione and Leno Lachadelli, made a name for themselves in the world, but no one remembers the role of the Mahdi, without whom the mission might not have been successful.

Talking to some of the leading Pakistani mountaineers in search of Amir Mehdi’s story, it was soon realized that people don’t know much about him nowadays. He was the servant of yesterday who was forgotten by all. It may be that Professor Sher Ali of Karimabad proved to be a ray of hope and he contacted Sultan Ali, the son of Amir Mehdi in Hassanabad.

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