Pfizer vaccine seekers were heard in Dubai

Dubai Health Department announces new shipment of Pfizer vaccine arrives after weeks of waiting

Hundreds of countries around the world are currently in the grip of the Corona epidemic. Fortunately, many countries around the world have developed vaccines to combat the epidemic in the past year. Pfizer BioNtech, a joint venture between US and German pharmaceutical companies, is currently the most popular in terms of popularity.

However, the Pfizer vaccine has been in short supply worldwide for the past several weeks. As a result, the process of vaccinating Pfizer in the UAE was temporarily halted. The vaccine is being given only to people who have had the first dose of the vaccine and then had to get a second injection at the scheduled time.

Most people want to get the Pfizer vaccine.

There is good news in this regard. The Dubai Health Authority has announced that the Pfizer vaccine has returned to Dubai. A large number of people have been called in to receive the vaccine. The authority added that the vaccine had been delivered to all vaccine nation centers yesterday. All nationals and foreigners can get this vaccine for free like any other vaccine.

However, only those who have a valid residence visa to Dubai will be vaccinated. In the first phase, the vaccine is being administered to people over 60 years of age, people with disabilities, those suffering from chronic diseases and front line workers. It should be noted that the vaccination of phytase vaccine started in Dubai on December 23. However, only a few weeks later, the supply of the vaccine was affected and the vaccination process was stopped for those who were to be given their first dose. Those who meet the vaccination requirements in the first phase can make an appointment by calling the DHA helpline 800342. In addition to Pfizer, Chinese Sino Farm in Dubai and Oxford’s Ostford Zenica vaccines are also being administered.

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