Prominent Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem tied the knot of marriage

Karachi: Prominent Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem has tied the knot in marriage. Close relatives and friends attended his wedding ceremony.

The marriage ceremony of boxer Muhammad Waseem was recently held in Karachi. According to media reports, the wife of boxer Muhammad Waseem is named Tabanda who is a doctor by profession.

The newlyweds will also be invited to Karachi on March 1.

It should be noted that boxer Muhammad Waseem is one of the most famous boxers in Pakistan who has made Pakistan famous many times by beating his rival boxers.

He won the WBC Middle East title by boxer Muhammad Waseem in his first ever boxing professional fight at Governor House Lahore.

According to media reports, Muhammad Waseem wore a sherwani at his wedding, with golden buttons attached to the sherwani.

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