Put all the cameras out, the video of Kashmala Tariq’s press conference after it was leaked

Put all the cameras out. I need to talk for two minutes. Questions were raised on the video of the federal ombudsman.

Vehicles involved in the protocol of Kashmala Tariq, a former member of the National Assembly and Ombudsman for Sexual Harassment on women’s reserved seats in the G-11 sector of Islamabad, broke the signal and hit the Mehran car, killing four youths in the Mehran car and a motorcycle.

Two people, including the rider, were injured. Kashmala Tariq held a press conference yesterday and alleged that the whole matter was misrepresented.

Federal Ombudsman Kashmala Tariq while giving her explanation to the media on the incident that took place last night said that we left Lahore around 7 pm yesterday, we crossed the toll plaza around 10:30 am, we were riding in two vehicles, me and my husband. We were in a car. There was a strong shock on Kashmir Highway and we fell on the front seats. I also got injured. The driver did not control the car.

It was a terrible and huge accident, four precious lives were lost, I prayed a lot, it is sad that a family has suffered such a great loss, there are no words to offer condolences. He further said that the accident that took place on the signal in Islamabad should not be given a political color, however, now a video is being made on social media after the press conference of Kashmala Tariq.

It can be seen in the video that Kashmala Tariq asks all the cameras to be kept outside. She tells the journalists to keep all the cameras outside then she wants to talk for two minutes. If this video of Kashmala Tariq goes viral on social media Consumers raised the question of what Kashmala Tariq wants to talk about after the end of the press conference, whether they want to give any instructions to the media representatives. Consumers demanded an explanation from Kashmala Tariq on this video.

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