Put Nadeem Babar in jail for robbing billions of rupees

Mariam Aurangzeb

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has demanded that Nadeem Babar, who had embezzled billions of rupees, be jailed.

Talking to media on Saturday, he said that Nadeem Babar was removed after a robbery of Rs 122 billion in LNG. Lahore Metro was built at a cost of Rs 27 billion and Peshawar Metro at a cost of Rs 120 billion. BRT Peshawar was robbed of Rs 105 billion.

He said that economic integrity and SBP were handed over to IM. The rate of inflation has gone up from three to sixteen percent. As long as incompetent gangs dominate the country, inflation will continue to rise and the people will hold them accountable. To date, no report has been received from the Credit Commission.

The spokesperson of PML-N said that Shahzad Akbar, who made allegations against Shahbaz Sharif by waving paper, has become a political orphan today due to the non-receipt of Senate ticket. There was political revenge for the silence and imprisonment of political opponents.

He said that no one was brought in the PDM by holding their ears, the position of PML-N has been that what will happen without power is not necessary. What happened yesterday is unfortunate. It is a denial of the PDM’s unity and charter. The decision of one party has collectively damaged the struggle, adding that the PDM is considering convening an emergency summit.

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