Raj Kundra accused of making pornographic films and auditioning nude on video call

Indian model girl and actress Sagarika Shona has accused Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kandra of making pornographic films and taking nude auditions on video calls. Several people, including the actress, have been arrested in Mumbai in recent days for making pornographic films. Among them is a man named Amish Kamat who is an assistant to Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kandra.

Model girl Sagarika Shona said that during the lockdown in August last year, Raj Kandra’s company offered to work in a web series and also asked for an online audition. The model girl alleged The audition was called on a group video call where there were three people, one of whom was Amish Kamath, while one had a blurred face and his identity was hidden.

The actress said that on the video call I was asked to give a nude audition which I refused while Amish Kamath got angry and later called me 4 times and pressured me. It was said that the series is being made by Raj Kandra’s company and Amish Kamath is the assistant of Shilpa’s husband Raj Kandra who is doing all their work. The model girl demanded that Raj Kandra is also involved in this gang so they should be arrested. ۔

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