“Risks should be taken by making plays on different topics.”

Iqra Aziz, a small screen actress, says that she has received so much acceptance on the small screen that she does not feel the need to go to the big screen.

In an exclusive interview with Urdu News, Iqra Aziz said, “I think TV is a great medium. In remote areas where there is no cable or cinema, there is TV. People stay connected with their favorite artists through this TV.

Iqra Aziz says, “Actors are very sensitive and I understand very well that those who like us, appreciate our work, even if they never like our work, they can criticize.” ۔ There is nothing wrong with that, but there is a way to criticize. I have always appreciated positive criticism.

Iqra Aziz says that those who are making plays should take risks by making plays on different topics because the world has changed a lot and now people have gone far.

“There should be stories that are not connected to our lives but the viewers can learn from it.

In response to a question, Iqra said, “I have worked with Kashif Nisar before and I am a fan of his work style.” So when I got the offer from ‘Raqib’, I just read One Liner, found out about the cast, and especially when I found out that it was directed by Kashif Nisar, I didn’t even read the script and did it. If there is a writer like Gul, who can deny it?

She said that the drama serial ‘Raqib Se’ is also important to her because, after a year, she is seen by her fans on the small screen. Hadiqa worked with Kayani for the first time, each character is more than one, such projects meet only once in a lifetime.

In response to a question, the actress said, “I don’t know how to speak Punjabi but my mother can.” I also asked them to teach me Punjabi. The whole team helped me a lot in speaking Punjabi for the role of ‘Raqib Se’. As far as Noman Ijaz is concerned, he is a great actor. He has worked with people whose new generation may not even know it.

Regarding Noman Ijaz, Iqra Aziz said, “Noman Ijaz is like an open book. They help their juniors a lot. He used to rehearse with me so that I could give a good shot. ‘

Talking further about the play, Iqra Aziz said, “This play is not only big and interesting in terms of cast but it is also a lesson for the viewers. My character is not negative, but of a girl who considers herself very smart and intelligent.

He added, “Sometimes the artist draws before working with big stars. I was in the same situation, but I had a lot of fun working with Sania Saeed, Hadiqa Kayani, and Noman Ijaz and learned a lot.”

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