Robbery in Lahore, ‘bitcoins’ seized from foreigners

A robbery has taken place in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province, in which robbers seized ‘bitcoins’ from a foreign couple, valued at more than Rs 13 million. According to the FIR registered in the Lahore police station racecourse, the foreigners belong to Switzerland and Germany respectively.

Stephen from Switzerland and Maria Spari from Germany arrived in Lahore from Istanbul on the night of February 10 and stayed in a private hotel. An FIR has been lodged in the complaint of a representative of a translating company whose services were hired by the couple.

According to the FIR, Rana Irfan, a resident of Lahore, had invited the couple to Pakistan and encouraged them to invest. On the night of February 10, Rana Irfan took the foreign couple out of the hotel to eat with him. The vehicle stopped on a road around 9.30 pm. In the meantime, park two more cars with them. After which they were transferred to another vehicle and after an hour and a half drive, both of them were put in a small vehicle.

During this time, white powder was thrown on their clothes and the people present there also took up arms. He threatened to hand over the heroin to the police if there was any noise.

The FIR further details the incident, saying, “The two foreigners were taken blindfolded to a house or a tent-like place.

“After that, not only were the 6,300 euros in his possession confiscated but also the 1.86 bitcoins in his electronic wallet were transferred at gunpoint through his laptop.”

The lawsuit states that the entire operation was filmed by a cameraman, who was driving a man wearing a press jacket. A blue light was also placed on the dashboard of the vehicle in which the foreigners were being driven. The foreigners have alleged that they were tortured during the whole incident.

According to a Lahore police spokesman, the search for the accused is underway after the incident. The accused named Rana Irfan has met these two foreigners many times in Switzerland. The matter is being investigated at the highest level.

“An FIR has been registered in the light of the plaintiffs’ statement which has provisions for robbery and detention.”

It is to be noted that this is the first case of its kind in Lahore to transfer bitcoins at gunpoint while keeping or buying and selling bitcoins is also banned in Pakistan.

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