Russian military helicopter crashes in Syria

Damascus: A Russian military helicopter crashed in Syria, killing one officer and wounding another.

According to the International News Agency, a helicopter crashed near a Russian military base in the Turkish-administered area of ​​Al-Hasakah province in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Al-Marsad claims that a Russian helicopter crashed, killing one officer and seriously injuring another and that those killed and injured have been taken to hospital.

On the other hand, a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense said that a Russian military helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Qasmia and Rehania, two villages in Al-Hasakah province in Syria. The statement did not mention any casualties.

It should be noted that on February 25 this month, a joint Russian-Turkish military patrol, which included five Russian and four Turkish military vehicles, conducted a joint patrol. Meanwhile, Russian military helicopters were also flying.

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