Russian spies caught red-handed in Italy

Italian Police

ISLAMABAD: An Italian navy officer and a Russian military officer have been arrested in Italy on suspicion of spying. According to Italian police, the two officers were arrested last night when the Italian officer was about to sell some secrets to a Russian officer.

The Italian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to protest the incident, and two Russian diplomats were deported.

A statement issued by the Italian Foreign Ministry said, “The Russian ambassador has been instructed to immediately return the two officials involved in this serious incident.” The arrested Italian was serving as frigate captain.

Russia, meanwhile, said in a statement that it hoped the incident would not affect relations between the two countries.

A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry said, “We do not currently have any information on the reasons or circumstances under which the Russian official was detained. But we hope that in any case, the very positive and constructive nature of Russian-Italian relations will continue and be preserved. “

Several European countries have recently deported Russian officials, accusing Russia of spying.

Such countries include France, Bulgaria, Austria and Norway.

Russia denies the allegations and Moscow has adopted an “eye for an eye” policy. Russia responded by ordering the expulsion of as many Russian diplomats as those countries had expelled.

The same statement was made by Russia today: “We regret that Rome has asked the diplomats to leave the country. We will make a separate announcement on the future strategy. “According to analysts, there is a strong possibility that Russia will soon order the release of two Italian diplomats.

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