Saira Yusuf responds to self-critics

Actress and model Saira Yousaf have given a dignified answer to her skin critics in a recent photo.

Why don’t social media users expect showbiz personalities to fully meet all the criteria of beauty and find no flaws in the search?

The actress was getting ready for a photoshoot from her sister Palwasha Yusuf’s salon, who shared the photo on Instagram.

After seeing Saira Yusuf’s picture, her skin texture was criticized and comments were made about her growing age, to which she has now reacted.

Insta users wrote in their comments on the photo that today it was found out how bad Saira’s skin is.

To all the critics, Saira responded by sharing a photo of herself without Mac on InstaStories. No filters of any kind are used in the image.

“I love my skin,” Saira wrote in the caption of this charming photo with a smile.

Most of the social media users also supported Saira and in their comments informed the critics of her narrow-mindedness.

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