Salman Khan woke up singer Mika Singh

MUMBAI: Indian singer Mika Singh has revealed that Salman Khan’s jokes had put him to sleep at night.

Indian singer Mika Singh revealed during a show that a small joke of Salman Khan had made him sleepless at night. Mika Singh said that Salman Khan has a habit of calling at any time of the night. Be it one or four, one night Salman Khan called which was quite a surprise to me.

Mika Singh said that these days I was recording songs for a Salman Khan movie so Salman Khan called me and said that Mika the song you recorded for the movie I also recorded the same song so now your song So gone
The Indian singer said that he was upset after listening to Salman Khan because everyone knows that if Salman Khan recorded a song, then no one would listen to my song, so I could not sleep all night, the next morning I immediately called the composer and found out. It turned out that Salman Khan had joked with me, he had not recorded any song.

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