Sanam Jang explained the reason behind her divorce.

Hosts Nadia Khan and Sanam Jang participated in Express Entertainment’s program Time Out with Ahsan Khan, a clip of which went viral on social media.

Speaking on the program, Sanam Jang said, “I explained about my divorce because the false news started causing problems in our house and even called my mother-in-law.” She began to receive inquiries as to whether her son Qassam had remarried.

Sanam Jang added that my husband in the United States also received such calls which upset him and told me what was going on, which I had to explain because the matter was getting very serious.

“Everyone is worried about why Qassam and I don’t live together, so there’s a long story behind it and she can’t tell, she stays there for her job and we’re here for a while and soon There will be shifts.

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