School timings will be reduced during Ramadan in the UAE

School timing in UAE

During Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates, the duration of education for second and third-grade students will be four hours, while classes for first graders will last only three hours.

According to Al-Emarat Al-Youm, the education department in the statement stressed solidarity among students, guardians, and educational institutions and said that curriculum should be restricted and extra-curricular activities should be suspended during Ramadan.

The education department has also released the school timing schedule during Ramadan.

In addition, private educational institutions in Abu Dhabi will reduce school timings to five hours.

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Education and Nalam said in a statement that guidelines have been sent regarding the timing of schools during Ramadan.

The statement said that schools cannot start before 9:30 am, they have to set the timing accordingly.

The duration will be two hours for nursery students and for government school students across the country.

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