Shaukat Tareen refused to be part of the Govt. team

Shaukat Tareen & Imran Khan

The former finance minister apologized for being part of the government’s economic team until the NAB cases were over

ISLAMABAD: Shaukat Tareen has refused to be a part of the government team. The former finance minister has apologized for being a part of the government’s economic team till the end of NAB cases. According to details, former finance minister Shaukat Tareen has responded to the news of being part of the federal government’s economic team. Talking to a program on a private TV channel, Shaukat Tareen clarified that he would not be joining the government team at present.

Appeals for cases against him are still pending in the NAB. Until the NAB cases against him are over, he will not accept any post in the government. He had earlier been offered to join the government, but he had made it clear that he could not be part of the government team until the NAB cases were settled.

It is to be noted that earlier news came out that former finance minister Shaukat Tareen is likely to be made finance adviser, he is also proposed to contest Senate elections.

According to sources, the key government figure contacted former finance minister Shaukat Tareen and offered him the post of a financial adviser. It has been reported that Shaukat Tareen has been the Finance Minister. Shaukat Tareen attends important meetings of the economic team. Shaukat Tareen can work with Hamad Azhar as a financial advisor. The final decision on the appointment of Shaukat Tareen as a financial adviser will be taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed Hafeez Sheikh to resign on Monday. This was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s second major decision regarding cabinet reshuffles after Nadeem Babar’s resignation. Hafeez Sheikh has been replaced by Hamad Azhar as the new Finance Minister. Prime Minister Hamad Azhar is happy with his performance, which is why he has been made Finance Minister.

Further changes are expected in the federal cabinet. Faisal Javed Khan and Farrukh Habib are also likely to be given important ministries. While Senator Shibli Faraz could be given the ministry of petroleum and the ministry of information has once again been given to Fawad Chaudhry. Similarly, some reasons have come to light for the removal of Federal Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh from the Finance Ministry, under which Hafeez Sheikh was made Finance Minister from the Finance Advisor after the court decision.

Hafeez Sheikh’s six-month term as finance minister expires on June 9. The Prime Minister decided to negotiate with the IMF and hand over the portfolio to the elected representative for the budget. The Ministry of Finance has an important role to play in negotiating with the IMF and preparing the budget. He has been made Finance Minister in view of the two budgets presented by Federal Minister Hamad Azhar.

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