She Asks For a Drink: 4 Treatments for Maximum Skin Hydration

Find out what to do when your nourishing cream waves a “white flag”

Every resident of a big city faces the problem of dry skin as soon as it gets pretty cool outside and the heating is turned on at home and in offices. It is not so important what your skin type is – even the oily skin can periodically tighten, and this is a sure sign that it is time to make an appointment with your beautician. We have collected the most effective methods of skin hydration in a clinic or salon.

Milk peeling

One of the softest and most beneficial peels, suitable for all skin types. Lactonic (lactic) acid is absolutely safe for humans, and practically does not cause allergic reactions. Of course, the salon procedure uses acid produced by an industrial method, however, it is found naturally in our favorite sour milk products and starters, and yet the composition of the natural and industrial product is slightly different, so do not try to set aside sauerkraut for peeling. Thanks to their small size, the molecules penetrate deep under the skin and perfectly get rid of blackheads, as well as help renew the top layer. Most importantly, this peeling can be safely called moisturizing. The moisture does not evaporate instantly, but is evenly distributed, helping the skin stay nourished longer.


An important point: the procedure should be carried out only in a medical office with the assistance of a professional specialist. The beauty of the procedure is that the dermatologist can choose the perfect formulation specifically for your skin, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the desired effect. One of the most effective formulations for moisturizing is the hyaluronic acid cocktail. In addition to the moisturizing effect, together with a specialist, you can choose a course that will help solve other problems, for example, improve skin tone or solve the problem of inflammation.


The most popular procedure, which is in the top of manipulations for women aged 35+. There are several types of biorevitalization – preventive and therapeutic, it all depends on the needs of your skin and age. The specialist injects the composition to the required depth, which ensures the maximum concentration of the substances necessary for the skin. Creams and emulsions do not allow this result to be achieved. However, be prepared to spend several days at home after the procedure, as your face will be a little swollen.


If we figured out the face, then what to do if dryness bothers on various parts of the body? Peels and other procedures designed for facial care will be out of place in this case. Thalassotherapy is in a hurry to help dehydrated and dry skin of the body – wraps, which contain super useful algae and clay according to your skin type. The mineral complex not only helps to preserve moisture in the tissues, but also has a beneficial effect on the deeper layers, blood circulation improves, the skin regeneration processes are much faster.

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