Sorry to support Fairness Creams: Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has expressed regret over her support of fairness creams and said that she has also been using talcum powder on her face.

Actress Priyanka Chopra has been quoted in the Hindustan Times as saying that she regrets the support of whitening creams in India, but also admitted that as a child she believed that dark skin was not beautiful. So she used to apply powder on her face.

In the past, the actress has been severely criticized for supporting fairness creams. In this regard, he said that after going to Hollywood, he had stopped participating in such activities.

According to Priyanka, “it is normal for Indian actors to support fairness creams.”

He said that in South Asia, whiteness has been made so important that everyone is attracted to it. Secondly, the things that make whites are also connected with a huge industry.

According to Priyanka, “Actually, when you are a female actress, using such things is like a checkmark. This was very strange for a young girl like me, who thought that black was not beautiful, so she used to apply talcum powder on her face.

Earlier, in an interview with Indian journalist Barkha Dutt in 2015, the actress had said that she would refrain from activities related to such products.

“I hated it all, so I gave it up,” he said. All my cousins ​​were white and I was pale. That’s why my family used to call me Kali Kali just for fun. ‘
She added that she wanted to apply fairness creams at the age of 13 and wanted her color to change.

The book Unfinished is coming out on February 9. It deals with Priyanka’s childhood when she faced racial prejudice in the United States as a teenager and what challenges she faced from becoming Miss World to making a name for herself in Bollywood and Hollywood. ۔

In the coming days, Priyanka will be seen in the Netflix film ‘White Tiger’ based on Aradand Adiga’s award winning novel.

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