Strict measures began to be taken in Saudi Arabia after the increase in Corona cases

Restaurants and businesses that do not follow precautions are being shut down immediately.

There have been more than 300 daily corona cases in Saudi Arabia in the past week. This is the first time since November that there have been more than 300 daily cases. This situation has prepared the authorities to unite and take tough decisions. Saudi authorities have decided to immediately shut down businesses violating precautionary measures against Corona, which have begun to be implemented.

According to Al-Arabiya News, Minister for Local Government, Rural and Housing Affairs Majid Al-Haqil has issued a directive to tighten surveillance of markets, restaurants, and all public health-related places. At the same time, it has been ordered that the facilities which do not comply with the precautionary measures should be shut down immediately and severe punishments should be imposed on them.

The Saudi minister’s stance came in a tweet on his official account.

According to the Minister, in order to protect the society and prevent the spread of Coronavirus, all the municipalities of the country have been directed to the Secretariat to intensify their efforts to combat Code 19. Its purpose is to ensure the safety of citizens and residents. The directives issued by Majid-ul-Haqil also include increasing surveillance of those working at food establishments and centers.

Its purpose is to ensure compliance with the instructions and conditions given in respect of the said sector. Masks and gloves must be worn by all those working in these places. In addition, if any worker shows signs of coronavirus, he should be stopped from work immediately. Majid-ul-Haqil’s ministry stressed the importance of continuing general cleaning operations.

To this end, work is underway to remove the waste drums and containers as soon as possible and then sanitize them. The personal hygiene of cleaners and the wearing of gloves and masks are being ensured. In addition, pesticides are being sprayed on garbage trucks and collection points. The Saudi Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Housing Affairs has come up with several plans to curb the spread of the coronavirus. ۔

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