The board has a cordial relationship with Hafeez, Waseem Khan

PCB chief executive Waseem Khan has said that PCB has good relations with the players. He and the board also have a good relationship with Mohammad Hafeez. Wanted

Wasim Khan said that the PCB wanted to give Muhammad Hafeez Central for his good performance in T20 so that his performance could be appreciated, but Muhammad Hafeez refused to take the contract, it was his personal decision.

He clarified that even with reference to Younis Khan, there was talk in the media that the Pakistan cricket board’s relationship with Younis Khan was not good but the Pakistan cricket board was in constant touch with him and that is why the PCB and Younis Khan Could be contracted between

Wasim Khan said that in the same way Muhammad Hafeez is also our player and he is connected and good relations are established.

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