The European Union is ready to use any vaccine, Merkel said

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says a vaccine developed against the Russian coronavirus in EU member states can only be used if it is formally approved by the EU.

In the interview, Merkel praised the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine Sputnik Five, calling its data better.

The German chancellor said he had also spoken by telephone recently with Russian President Vladimir Putin. More travel bans from Corona, Germany.
The prestigious scientific journal Lancet reported in its Tuesday edition that the Russian vaccine Sputnik Five is 91 percent effective against the corona epidemic.

Earlier, medical experts had expressed doubts about the data of the same Russian vaccine.

Defending the vaccination plan

Angela Merkel defended her government’s vaccination plan, calling it appropriate. He said in an interview that by the end of March, his government would have vaccinated 10 million people. He urged his people to wait a little longer and all would be well. Merkel also vowed that every German citizen would be vaccinated by the end of this summer.

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The chancellor also acknowledged that vaccinations are slow in some areas, but there is good reason to do so. According to Merkel, it is not possible to introduce a strict vaccination program and it is important that it be ‘dynamic’. He also said that approval of the vaccine from the European Union was essential so that the general public could trust and rely on it.

The decision to ease lockdown

At present, the rate of corona infection in Germany is less than 100 per 100,000 people. In this context, Chancellor Merkel said that more work remains to be done to control the epidemic. He termed the reduction in the new spread of the infection as a major development and said that the decision to ease the lockdown and sanctions would be taken at a meeting with the heads of state on February 14.

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