The first ambassador of the UAE arrived in Israel

JERUSALEM: The UAE’s first envoy to Israel, Mohammed al-Khaja, arrived in Jerusalem and presented his credentials to President Raven at a ceremony.

According to the international news agency, the first envoy from the United Arab Emirates formally met with the President of Israel and presented his credentials. Muhammad Al-Khaja will stay for three days and choose a site for the UAE embassy.

Upon arrival in Israel, the Emirati envoy was warmly welcomed and Israeli Foreign Minister Jabe Ashkinaz also discussed issues related to the establishment of the UAE’s first embassy in Israel in a special meeting with Muhammad al-Khaja.

Earlier, the Emirati envoy presented his credentials to Israeli President Raven Rollin at a ceremony, during which the two discussed in detail issues of mutual interest. Muhammad Al-Khaja will also be the first official ambassador after the establishment of the embassy.

It should be noted that the agreement to restore diplomatic and trade relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel was reached on September 15 last year under the mediation of the then US President Donald Trump.

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