The first fast in Saudi is expected on April 13 this year

Riyadh: Saudi astronomers have predicted that the first fast in Saudi Arabia this year will be on April 13 and Eid al-Fitr on May 13.

According to the report, Saudi astronomer Professor Abdullah Al-Musnad is involved in teaching at Al-Qasim University and after studying and calculating the moon, he predicted that this year Ramadan in Saudi Arabia will consist of 30 days.

He further said that this year on 29th Sha’ban Al-Mu’azzam the moon will set 26 minutes before the sun while on 30th Sha’ban the moon and sun will meet at 5:31 in the morning after which there is a strong hope that the moon of Ramadan will appear. Yes, according to the professor, this day will be Tuesday, April 13 of the solar calendar.

He added that on the 29th of Ramadan, the setting of the moon is likely to be 12 minutes before the sun, after which the combination of the moon and the sun will be possible at 10 pm, but Maybe the moon is not likely to appear, so Ramadan is 30 days.

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