The first shipment of corona vaccine from the UK to Pakistan will arrive on April 7

ISLAMABAD: The United Kingdom will supply 17 million doses of the corona vaccine manufactured by Oxford University and AstraZeneca to Pakistan under the World Health Organization (WHO) covex, with the first shipment expected on April 7.

According to the Special Correspondent of BBC WN TODAY, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan says that the UK has pledged 1. 1.3 billion in aid to the United Nations to eradicate Corona as soon as possible while helping Pakistan fight epidemics. Has provided 20 million in assistance.

The British High Commissioner added that “Covacs”, an organization set up by the United Nations to provide free corona vaccine to developing and economically troubled countries, has provided free corona vaccine to one billion people in 121 countries. Has announced

The British High Commissioner said that Corona vaccine would be provided to Pakistan by Covex for 45 million people. In this regard, Pakistan will soon be provided 17 million doses of Corona vaccine from Oxford University and AstraZeneca from the United Kingdom, the first shipment of which is expected on April 7.

The British High Commissioner to Pakistan added that the UK would provide a substantial 8 548 million for the global campaign under the WHO and that millions of Pakistanis would be vaccinated against coronavirus with the same international assistance from the UK.

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