The lawyer who fought many cases in Saudi Arabia turned out to be fake

Afake lawyer in Saudi Arabia

The accused had also appeared as a lawyer on TV after social media, finally, the scandal broke out.

Riyadh: A well-known lawyer has been fired in Saudi Arabia who was neither a lawyer nor had studied law, but his reputation as a well-known lawyer on social media, even if he He had also appeared as a guest lawyer on a TV channel. He had fought more than three cases, leaving no doubt that he was a lawyer.

But when the truth came out, everyone was shocked. According to Urdu News, a criminal court in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has sentenced a man who appeared in the media in the guise of a lawyer. The court sentenced him to 30 days imprisonment and also imposed a fine of 10,000 riyals. Okaz sources clarified that the accused appeared in more than three cases and fought the case.

He then tried to gain fame as a lawyer on social media and later appeared on TV as a lawyer. The investigation into the incident began when a citizen filed a petition with the Ministry of Justice alleging that The matter should be referred to the Public Prosecution and investigated. The investigation was then completed. According to sources, the citizen provided the accused with some documents to file a claim, including bank account details, inheritance statement, death certificate, etc.

The accused refused to return the fee under the pretext of paying the fee, on which the city filed a petition against the accused. On the other hand, another Pakistani gang involved in several thefts in Riyadh city has been caught. Riyadh police spokesman Khalid According to Al-Kridis, the four arrested Pakistanis used to steal construction materials and valuables from under-construction buildings and sell them cheaply in the bazaar.

The accused have confessed to the incidents worth a total of 325,000 riyals. After registering a case of theft against the accused, they have been handed over to the public prosecution which will complete the legal proceedings in the next few days. I will present them in court and prosecute them. A few days ago, a group of four Pakistanis was also arrested for stealing construction materials and several other devices including electric cables from buildings under construction.

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