The lives of Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui’s family have returned to normal

Nawaz Ud din Siddiqui

MUMBAI: The life of Indian versatile actor Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui’s wife and actor’s children has returned to normal after a public outcry erupted.

Talking to Indian media in this regard, Alia said that I visited Nawaz-ud-Din’s farmhouse with my children Yani and Shura and Shams.

He said that he spent his time here while Nawaz’s brothers were also present. On this occasion, Nawaz-ud-Din’s brother said that there are ups and downs in life, we learn from our experiences. He also said that time has passed, I will now do everything for my home. Shams also said that his brother Nawaz-ud-Din would also be among them soon.

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