The NCOC lifted the ban on PSL matches and allowed 50% of the spectators

100% in playoffs and finals ie full stadium will be available for cricket fans, depending on the situation

ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has taken a big decision for Pakistan Super League matches. The NCOC lifted the ban on PSL matches and allowed 50% of the spectators to come to the stadium. An important meeting of the NCOC today discussed in detail the situation of Karuna in the country, in connection with the PSL matches, it was decided that 50% of the spectators will be allowed to come.

At present only 20% of spectators are allowed in PSL matches. Following the new decision, spectators will now be allowed in the stadium for PSL play-off matches as per the capacity while 100% of spectators will be able to come to the stadium in the play-off stage Corona SOPs will be fully implemented.

The NCOC has also decided to allow indoor marriages from March 15. However, in indoor marriages, Corona SOPs have to be strictly adhered to. It has also been decided to open shrines and cinemas from March 15.

The NCOC says social distance and the use of masks will be strictly enforced. The NCOC has also announced an end to the period of closure of business activities and parks. The NCOC said smart downs would be implemented if needed. After review, it was suggested that Kent Board elections and local government elections could be held in May-June.

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