The opposition has succeeded in achieving the purpose for which the PDM was formed, said Amir Haider Khan

With the passage of time, the opposition is increasing the pressure on the government from the platform of PDM.

Awami National Party Central Senior Vice President and former Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti has said that the opposition has succeeded in achieving the purpose for which the PDM was formed and with the passage of time the opposition PDM platform The opposition decided to resign before the Senate election, but after consulting legal and constitutional experts Yen decided to run in the Senate election so that the government would have a clear majority in the Senate. He said that Pakistan has lost a lot instead of gaining something by imposing on the Pakistani nation to prevent it from gaining the upper hand. Addressing the function, Awami National Party Central Senior Vice President Amir Haider Khan Hoti, Awami National Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Vice President Sikandar Masood Khan, former Federal Minister Masood Abbas, Awami National Party District President Jamal Khan were present on the occasion. Khattak, General Secretary Engineer Hamid A. Lee Khan, President of Nowshera Tehsil Zahid Khan, Ehsan Wazir were also present. Amir Haider Khan Hoti in his address said that as a nation we have to lay down the basic principles that this country has to be run constitutionally and legally. Fulfill your responsibilities. He said that the deadline given by the opposition for resignation on January 31 has expired. Today, an important meeting of the PDM is being held in which a plan of action for the future will also be worked out. The 18th Amendment does not allow for the abolition or tampering with it. The 18th Amendment is an interpretation of the 1973 constitution of provincial autonomy. He said that Pakhtuns will be the enemy of the people. He said that people have come to know the reality of playing with the people in the name of change. Amir Haider Khan Hoti said that the treasury was empty in the government of angels who accused previous governments of corruption Instead of providing facilities, donations are being appealed from the people When there was an ANP government in the province, we faced terrorism as well as natural calamities. The ANP faced all the challenges, made peace possible in Malakand Division. The ANP not only helped the displaced people. The NP fought the case of Pakhtunkhwa at the international level and also got the legitimate and constitutional rights of the people of the province from the center and increased the salaries of government employees by 50%. Bacha Khan’s followers set up nine new universities across the province, gave Pakhtunkhwa its identity, and implemented provincial autonomy and the 18th amendment. Today, there is a one-party government in both the province and the center, but both the province and the country are in a financial crisis. The country is being run on loans and donations and the people do not have to worry. The elected rulers are conspiring to roll back the 18th amendment as long as not a single soldier of Bacha Khan is alive.

No one can roll back a single clause Whenever anyone asks the elected rulers for action, they file NRO writs. The noise of accountability is made but everyone is silent on BRT corruption, Malam Jabba scandal, sugar, flour, and petrol theft. Awami National Party (ANP) MLAs will be the first to submit their resignations. He said that the people of Nowshera will successfully field the ANP candidate in the by-elections, playing with the people in the name of change. People have come to know and are joining the caravan of Bacha Khan in droves. Bacha Khan and his associates have made immense sacrifices for the rights of this land, now it is our responsibility to pay the debt of their struggle and sacrifices. Do your best to spread the philosophy of Bacha Khan from village to village and make people aware of their rights.

Addressing the ANP joining function in Nowshera along with the family and associates of former MNA Siraj Muhammad Khan and Engineer Waqar Khan, ANP Central Senior Vice President Amir Haider Khan Hoti said that the country’s stagnation was due to incompetence. The previous governments are accused of corruption, but the previous governments were full of coffers and development work was going on. Today there is a government of angels but the coffers are empty, neither development work nor other facilities are being provided to the people. Contributions are being made, on the contrary, donations are being appealed from the people.

“When we got the government in the province, we faced many challenges, on the one hand, there was terrorism and on the other hand we faced natural calamities but we met all the challenges, not only peace in Malakand division is possible,” he said. Built, but also honorably resettled those displaced by terrorism and natural disasters in their home areas and laid the groundwork for development projects across the province.

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