The UAE came even closer to defeating Corona

More than 5.8 million people have been vaccinated against corona in the country, the number of healed people has reached 375,000.

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates is also in the grip of a global epidemic of the corona, but effective precautionary measures have not led to the devastation of corona in the Gulf state that has hit the United States and most of Europe. Although due to the carelessness of some people, the daily number of corona cases has increased to more than 3,000 in the last few weeks, after strict measures have been taken, the daily number of cases is now declining significantly.

The population of the UAE has over 10 million. The good news is that more than 5.8 million people have been vaccinated against corona in just two months. This has raised hopes that the UAE will be able to eradicate the Corona epidemic within the next few months.

According to the UAE Ministry of Health, about 58% of people in the country have been vaccinated, including both locals and immigrants.

This speed of vaccination has been declared the best in the world. The Ministry of Health has stated that by February 25, 2021, 58,46,036 people in the country have been vaccinated against corona. The number of people recovering from the corona epidemic has also increased. So far, 375,059 patients have recovered. According to the Ministry of Health, another 3,025 cases of cocaine were reported last Thursday, while 4,678 people recovered.
18 deaths were recorded in 24 hours. With the emergence of new cases, the total number of Corona victims has risen to 381,662.

The death toll has risen to 1,182 after 18 deaths. On the other hand, daily corona testing has also been stepped up. This can be estimated from the fact that during the last 24 hours, corona tests have been taken on one lakh 95 thousand 866 people.

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