The world faces two global epidemics simultaneously

The world is currently plagued by two global epidemics, the Coronavirus epidemic on one side and the obesity epidemic on the other. The Corona outbreak affects 2.5 million people a year. More than 4 million people have died in the same period of obesity. The coronavirus can be controlled with a vaccine, but the world needs to do more to control obesity. Will be

These views were expressed by national and international gastroenterologists while addressing the 3rd International Conference organized by Pakistan GI and Liver Diseases Society.

Apart from experts from different cities of Pakistan, gastroenterologists from India, UK, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, and other countries participated in the conference and presented research papers.

On this occasion, Dr. Prof. Lubna Kamani from Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi and Liaquat National Hospital were elected President of the Society while Prof. Nazish Butt from Jinnah Hospital was elected Vice President of the Society. Former Registrar of Dow University Prof. Amanullah Abbasi elected General Secretary of the Society while Dr. Hafizullah Sheikh was elected Public Secretary of the Society.

Patron General of Pakistan GI and Liver Disease Society Dr. Shahid Ahmed and former President Dr. Sajjad Jameel congratulated the newly elected institutions and hoped that they would use their skills for the training of new doctors and for the welfare of the people. Will bring a car

Addressing the conference, renowned gastroenterologist and liver professor Wasim Jeffery, who is associated with the Aga Khan, said that the world is currently facing the Coronavirus and the obesity epidemic at the same time. Unfortunately, obesity kills more people than the Coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization, more than 4 million people, including children, died last year as a result of the epidemic.

Professor Wasim Jeffery said that the coronavirus causes irreparable damage to the human liver and irreparable damage to the liver of those who fortunately survive its attack.

Emphasizing the importance of vaccines for the eradication of covid 19, Professor Wasim Jeffery said that the hepatitis B vaccine was discovered in 1969 but the disease is still wreaking havoc in many parts of the world. He said that if serious steps were not taken regarding the coronavirus vaccine, it seems that this disease will not be eradicated from the world.

The newly elected President of the Society, Prof. Lubna Kamani, thanked the members of the Pakistan GI and Liver Diseases Society and said that she was currently elected as the first woman President of any society in Pakistan. New gastroenterologists will continue to play their part in training and coaching the liver.

Expressing hope for the early availability of the Coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan, he said that soon all conferences and training would be held in the presence of people after which the training of new doctors would be made easier.

Dr. Nazish Butt, Vice President Pakistan GI and Liver Disease Society, Dr. Amanullah Abbasi, Dr. Muhammad Kamran, Dr. Hasnain Ali Shah, Dr. Jibran Umar from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dr. Dawood Gulzai from Balochistan, Dr. Nasir Luck, Dr. Amna Subhan, Dr. Noman Zakir, and others also addressed.

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