The world’s shortest marriage, divorced in just three minutes

Kuwait City: You may have heard the saying of immediate engagement, but there has been such an incident of ‘instant marriage and divorce’ in Kuwait that it is hard to believe. According to the website, the incident took place in 2019 when the Kuwaiti couple went to court and signed the marriage papers before a judge. When the bridegroom returned after the signing, the bride stumbled and fell.

According to the report, instead of holding the bride and helping her to get up, the groom called the bride “stupid”. The bride became so enraged that she immediately went back to the judge and told him to get a divorce. According to Kuwaiti media, there was a gap of only three minutes between their marriage and divorce. Kuwaiti media is calling this marriage the shortest marriage in the history of Kuwait and it is very possible that it will be the shortest marriage in the world.

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