There Are 5 Reasons for This: Why It Is Worth Giving a Chance to Meet On the Street

No need to make a serious face and chase a potential partner

Each girl had a situation when, standing at the crossroads, in line, waiting for a friend, a brave guy who was not afraid of rejections approached her. Of course, it’s nice when a handsome man pays attention to you, but it often happens that a new acquaintance does not make you want to continue the conversation with him. Yet we often underestimate the chance we have. Why? This is what we decided to figure out, and therefore we will talk about the five advantages of dating on the street or in a crowded place.

You don’t waste time

As a rule, while spending time on dating sites, we select potential partners who can charm on the Web, but at a personal meeting it turns out that the person is not at all who he claims to be: where is that handsome man who is confused with George Clooney? But since you have already managed to talk before the meeting, it is somehow inconvenient to leave when you meet, and therefore you endure the company of an unpleasant person for at least half an hour, which cannot be said about a man who approached on the street – you will have time to appreciate his attractiveness and in any case ” parting “after three minutes of acquaintance will not be something stressful.

The person evokes sympathy

According to the results of surveys conducted by sociologists, men who risk approaching a girl on the street evoke great sympathy from the opposite sex. It’s no secret that for a man any refusal by a woman is a big shock, to which each man reacts differently. At the same time, “hardened by the fields” men are better at talking and rarely boring guys, as they are mostly extroverts.

No pretense

As we have already said, time is the most valuable resource, and therefore it is such an experience to stay in correspondence for several weeks, then to be disappointed in a personal meeting. You will be angry with yourself, and especially with a new acquaintance who simply “stole” your precious minutes. On the Internet, it is quite difficult to assess the interlocutor adequately, and therefore psychologists recommend meeting a maximum on the second day of acquaintance, so that neither you nor the man have any illusions.

You get the experience you need

You may not believe it, but only 10% of men and women can approach a stranger on the street, even just ask the time. What can we say about acquaintance based on interest in a person. Yes, such acquaintances often turn out to be unsuccessful, but this is also an experience that is necessary for such a social being as a person, and it is recommended to get acquainted not only for men, but also for women. Of course, it is not so easy for a girl to approach a man she likes, especially if he is not alone, but a woman can always show her interest in a man with her look, behavior, and gestures. Don’t be afraid to flirt and play.

You have no mutual acquaintances

For some, this will be a minus, however, the absence of mutual friends and acquaintances can be a big plus, since no one knows how long your relationship will last, if suddenly your parting is far from peaceful, your colleagues and not the closest friends will definitely not become witnesses of this drama that a man can play.

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