‘These shameful and such incidents in India even today’ Priya Ramani case:

A Delhi court has acquitted former female journalist Priya Ramani in a defamation suit.

According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, the court on Wednesday remarked in a defamation suit filed by former Union Minister MJ Akbar against Priya Ramani alleging sexual harassment that “a woman has been protesting against the injustice done to her for many years. He has the right to raise his voice even later.

The verdict, which was due to be announced at 2pm, was delayed when the judge said he had to amend his decision.

Citing Mahabharata and Ramayana in its judgment, the court said, “She is referring to women to highlight the importance of their dignity and it is a shame that.”

“Most women do not speak out against sexual harassment for fear of being stigmatized,” the court ruling said. Sometimes the victim does not even understand what has happened to him. Despite this ordeal, he prefers to remain silent. “

The court also accepted the argument that MJ Akbar was not a person of good repute and at the same time emphasized that “the right to reputation is not more important than a woman’s right to life”.

The court lamented the absence of laws to protect sexually harassed people.

In 2018, Ramani had accused MJ Akbar of sexual harassment during the ‘Me too Movement’.

The former journalist had alleged that Akbar had sexually harassed him during an interview in a Mumbai hotel in December 1993.

After these allegations, MJ Akbar had to resign from his ministry but before leaving the ministry, he had lodged a complaint against Ramani for allegedly defaming him.

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