Three actors who appeared in Ertugrul drama reached Lahore

The three actors who starred in the popular Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi have reached Lahore, the city of lively hearts, where they were warmly welcomed.

Among the guests visiting Lahore is actor Darwish Ishaq, who played the role of Ibn al-Arabi’s student in the play Atghar Ghazi.

The three heroes of the Ertugrul drama, Gunakat, Malik Shah and Darvish Ishaq Zinda Dalan have become guests of Lahore.

The three distinguished guests will visit the Garden City for 10 days.

On the other hand, the characters of Ertugrul turned out to be crazy about Lahore, chanting slogans like “Lahore, Lahore AK” at the airport.

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