Thugs arrived on the set during the shooting of Sunny Leone’s web series

Mumbai: During the shooting of Sunny Leone’s web series “Anamika”, thugs arrived on the set which frightened the actress.

According to Indian media, actress Sunny Leone is busy shooting for director Vikram Bhatt’s new web series “Anamika” these days. Are done

Indian media says that the shooting of web series “Anamika” was going on and at the same time some thugs reached there and demanded Rs. 1.4 million from director Vikram Bhatt. However, Vikram Bhatt immediately sent the actress in a car.

Vikram Bhatt not only stopped the shooting of the web series but also sought permission to shoot elsewhere on the sudden demand of money from the goons. On the other hand, it has come to light that the people asking for money on the set were the men of famous Bollywood action director Abbas Ali Mughal who demanded money from Vikram Bhatt for his project.

Director Vikram Bhatt says that all of a sudden I was nervous when the goons demanded money but now the problem has been solved and the Fighter Association is looking into the matter.

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