Top 5 In-Demand Professions on the Internet In 2021

Blogger Natalie Viner told what skills you need to get in order not to lose your job in a year

Today I want to talk specifically about the fundamental professions that will not evaporate and go away, because they will lose their relevance, but will grow – they are fundamental and applied to many professions.┬áHaving acquired the skills of┬áthese specialties, people will definitely know that in a year they will not lose their jobs.

1. Marketer on Instagram

A marketer, or rather even an SMM specialist on Instagram – this profession will never become outdated, because any person and any brand, if he wants to make money on the Internet, it is important to have either a business card on the social network or traffic through it. Because it is still the main monetization platform for any business. It is important to have a competent strategy, content plan, be able to design a profile and, of course, maintain content. These are all the tasks of an SMM specialist. He follows not just a beautiful profile, but the meaning of each post. This is not just a person who posts cats and knows how to draw up a content plan from a template. In fact, all this is much deeper.

2. Stories – strategist

If in the first paragraph we considered an SMM specialist who is a content manager, then a story strategist is a person who knows how to sell exactly through stories. He is responsible for ensuring that a commercial or personal brand sells through stories. This is an important skill because now more than 500 million people watch Stories every day. There is a trend that people consume content more and more easily. If we consider Tik-Tok, then although it is difficult to monetize now, it attracts the lightness of its content. A story-strategist on Instagram is a person who, on a ready-made, monetized platform, can create such content so that a person can buy from him.

3. Targetologist

A targeting specialist is the person who makes your profile visible. That is, if an smm specialist and a story strategist make cool content in the profile so that a person goes to the profile and stays, then the targetologist makes it so that the person can go to this page. He sets up ads either in Stories or in posts on Instagram, as well as on Facebook and other social networks. He creates ad creatives and runs them through a Facebook manager. You can master this skill in two months and already start earning.

4. Web designer

A web designer is a person who knows how to create landing pages, that is, one-page simple sites. He also knows how to create multi-page websites using constructors. There is a Figma program in which it is very easy for anyone, even without drawing skills, to learn how to create websites. He can do them for bloggers, online stores, and small businesses. Let me give you an example: you go to a blogger on YouTube and see an advertisement on him, and he always says: “The link is in the profile description.” This link in the profile description is made by the web designer. Or the design of checklists, calendars, diaries and so on is also done by designers who know how to work with Figma.

5. Brandologist on Instagram

A brandologist is a person who helps build a brand on social media, both personal and commercial. He builds a brand – from logo design to promotion. That is, he combines the skills of a targeting expert, designer, story strategist and smm specialist.

I advise you to develop in several specialties at once. When you master several skills at once, you can quickly identify yourself as a beginner. And also you can start freelancing and earn more. Plus, these skills often overlap. For example, if you are a content manager and know how to write texts for an account, then you are a copywriter and know how to write texts – therefore, you can write texts for sites. And if you learn the skill of web design, then you can combine two specialties at once.

Also, if you are a targetologist and know how to set up advertising on the site, then you may be interested in making the site itself.

All of these professions collectively are related and important because together they provide a huge fundamental science – social media marketing. It will definitely not become obsolete and will be afloat not only for the next 2-3 months. With these skills, you can go to any social network.

I advise you to start developing right now in any of these professions.

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