Tractor rally in Delhi: Farmers hoist their flag at Red Fort

Farmers protesting against the new agricultural law in India have entered the Red Fort in the capital Delhi and hoisted a flag over it.

On Tuesday, on the occasion of the country’s Republic Day, farmers were allowed to hold a tractor rally from where news of a clash with the police is now coming and internet service has been shut down.

“We appeal to the farmers’ unions to cooperate in maintaining peace,” a senior police official was quoted as saying by the ANI news agency. We are telling the farmers to stay on the fixed route but some of them broke the police barriers and attacked the policemen.According to local media and social media videos, in some places the police fired tear gas shells at the farmers and charged them with sticks, but the farmers continued to move forward.

Amid tight security, farmers were allowed to hold a tractor rally on Tuesday after several days of talks with Delhi Police and were given a specific route.

“Ordinary people are showering flowers on farmers and Delhi Police batons and tear gas shells,” wrote Sakit Sharma, a user.

And with that, they’ve posted both kinds of pictures.

Farmers are outraged by the police action and have broken police barriers in some places, creating an atmosphere of chaos. Farmers’ rallies are trying to enter Delhi through several routes.

In some places, there are more farmers than police security and there is an atmosphere of confrontation.

According to NDTV, thousands of farmers have broken through police barricades and entered the capital Delhi.

According to the news agency ANI, the farmers’ rally from Ghazipur border has entered Delhi and has now reached Pargati Maidan in the heart of Delhi.

On the other hand, Republic Day is being celebrated in India. This celebration commemorates the enactment of the Constitution of India on January 26, 1950. For the first time in the air show on Republic Day, the Rafale aircraft from France has demonstrated its skills.

The top four trends on social media include Republic Day and the Farmers Tractor Rally, as well as many other related trends.

There are also reports of baton charges on farmers at Nagloi and Najafgarh borders as farmers have tried to break the barricades. On the other hand, there are reports of clashes on the Sandhu border where farmers have been gathering for two months.

The rally from Noida to Delhi is being stopped at Akshardham. It may be recalled that on Sunday, the Delhi Police had allowed the farmers to rally on a route of about 65 km from Takri border through areas like Nangloi and Najafgarh but then after the news of a clash on the Indus border, it was stopped in the middle. Paused after.

Many users on social media are alleging that the mainstream media is not paying attention to the farmers’ rally while it is busy celebrating the Republic Day.

While a few policemen were injured in the clash, many farmers were also injured. Farmers’ leaders have called for a peaceful march from the protest rally and people are also talking about a peaceful march on social media.

Muhammad Zubair, co-founder of ALT News, wrote in a video mocking the police baton charge, saying, “Police are congratulating the protesting farmers on Republic Day.”

Leading radio jockey Saima wrote: ‘All farmer brothers and sisters are appealed to be peaceful at all costs. Delhi Police is appealed not to rain batons and not to attack. Let’s make this day historic together.

It should be noted that India introduced three agricultural laws in the month of September which were widely opposed across the country. Farmers say it is not in their favor, while the government insists it has been introduced for the benefit of farmers, while experts believe it will have far-reaching consequences.

After the farmers’ protest, Interior Minister Amit Shah convened a meeting of security and police officers.

The meeting was also attended by Indian Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla and Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava.

Authorities briefed the Home Minister on the clashes in different parts of Delhi.

Sources said that the meeting showed that major security decisions could be taken and the possibility of deploying paramilitary forces could not be ruled out.

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