Trump has hinted at running in the next presidential election

Former United States President Donald Trump has signaled his intention to run in the next presidential election. Trump said he had lost the White House race for now but could decide to lose next time.

Donald Trump said that at the moment I have lost the White House race but I can decide to lose next time. The US presidential election in November has been rigged. Regarding his separate party, the former president said that the news attributed to him about forming a new party was fake. I want to make Republicans stronger and more organized than ever. No intention to form a new political party.

Meanwhile, the acting police chief in charge of security at Capitol Hill has warned that there is a risk of another attack on Capitol Hill during US President Joe Biden’s address to Congress. He said that it was essential to maintain tight security in these circumstances.

Acting Police Chief Yugananda Putman, who is in favor of maintaining extra security around Capitol Hill, told a congressional committee on Thursday that extremist elements could target Capitol Hill again during President Biden’s address to Congress.

“The militiamen who attacked Capitol Hill on January 6 have indicated that they will attack the building again during the US president’s address,” Pittman said.

“Until we address these threats, the current security situation around the Congress building must be maintained,” Putman told the congressional committee.

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